The role of art

I’m interested in contemporary art as well as in philosophy, history and politics. A lot of my groupmates, in my opinion, underestimate the role of culture in our everyday life, especially those who study such subjects as Maths, Ingeneering or Machine Learning.

I understand perfectly well that in their professional career that won’t probably need a deep knowledge of classical French literature and they don’t have to distinguish between Monet et Mane. There many subjects I know nothing about, so it is not shaming at any point.

What I’m trying to say is that some basic knowledge of Humanities is necessary for every human being:

  1. Firstly, sometimes we forget that great books about love, passion and difficult life choices were created not to be criticized by professionals (mostly) but to analyze dramas we all go through.

For instance, Romeo and Juliette. Excuse me for such an ordinary example but it serves perfectly well to prove my point. Everybody know what this book’s about. It has become so famous not because of it’s numerous artistic accomplishments but because anybody could relate to it. I don’t believe that there is at least one person on our planet who didn’t suffer from love.

  1. Moreover, these artworks were born to show you that you’re not alone. That it could be worse. That life, as incomprehensible and challenging as it is, is full of wonderful things that make it worth living. Literature and visual arts make you reflect, and as we all know “Cogito, ergo sum”.

If you think, you don’t have time to read, think again. However, meanwhile you could learn to understand other types of art, for example, graphics and painting.

There is one contemporary artist, which I like very much. His name is Leonid Afremov, and he has become famous at the end of last century.

I believe that his paintings are perfect to start your acquaintance with artistic world. They may seem rather simple from the first sight, but have a profound background.

First of all, it took many years to develop a unique techniques which he uses. It consist of using a paintbrush and a palette knife, which deepens the strokes creating a volume texture. The colors he applies are very rich and full of pigment. He likes to use yellow palette to make his painting a true symphony of light.

Look at his famous Gold Wave painting here. This work depicts a gracious dancer in movement. Her figure is the only thing we can notice in the painting. As far as I can see, it is dedicated to the loneliness of the creator and to beauty of this process.

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