Talking about women in society

Last week we had a very interesting lecture on the promotion of women’s rights in the world. In particular, we discussed the role of a woman in a modern world. I started to think: is a working mother a bad mother?

Judging from my experience, there are some people who consider children of working women to be similar to orphans. They think that such children are potentially criminals because their mothers are not controlling their every step. This argument seems to me rather week and unconvincing because it’s based on the belief that time is more important in children’s education than effort. Of course, a child might join a street gang if he’s not strictly controlled. On the other hand, he can even do this if he is.

In my opinion, what matters is a life pattern a boy or a girl sees every day at home. So, if he or she is lucky to observe an intelligent energetic woman who is fascinated with her work, why would he or she be interested in some dubious activities which clearly are not going help him or her to build a career?

Secondly, to say that it’s only mother’s obligatory to educate her child seems a way out of date. Nowadays children go to school, attend classes of supplementary education, do sports. Modern children are almost as busy as grown-ups, if their parents invest in their development. Mother’s incessant presence is not needed at all. What is needed is money, so why cannot a woman add a sum to a family budget?

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